Thursday, February 16, 2012


There is something special about cousins.  In my daughter's case, her cousins are her closest friends and confidants.  She falls in age between the two; she is 9 months younger than one and 4 months older than the other.  The three of them together are a joy to watch because together they are more like three sisters than two sisters and a cousin.  Recently, these "sisters" whom she has always lived close to moved out of state.  Somehow for her scyping with them is not as great as being able to ride your bike to their home on the spur of the moment. For my daughter's birthday, we surprised her and flew her cousins to San Diego for the weekend.  Seeing her reaction to their arrival was truly priceless.  The weekend was filled with shopping, dining, get togethers with friends, makeup consultations and more shopping.  The perfect combination for a 13 year old girl...

I have been holding on to pictures from her birthday weekend waiting for the motivation to hit me.  The Heart 2 Heart Challenge this week along with the Stella paper I ordered from CTMH was just the ticket. The challenge this week required that you create something using 1 stamp, 2 different patterned papers and 3 embellishments.  The embellishments could be the same or different. 

I know these girls will laugh and talk about this weekend for years to come.

Paper-Stella, CTMH
Stamp on flowers-Hooray Bouquet-CTMH
flowers cut from Art Philosophy
CTMH buttons and twine

P.S.  I would like to send a big thank you to Heart 2 Heart for choosing me as a top ten winner in January.  That will help motivate me to keep scrapbooking.